Month: July 2019

Brexit has ensured greater public & government realisation of the significant role vets play in society

The British Veterinary Association’s outgoing President Simon Doherty spoke to PoliticsHome, reflecting on his year in office, the challenge of Brexit and other issues within the veterinary sector like recruitment and retention of staff. Given Brexit has dominated his term of office, Simon Doherty could not ask for a better time to be heading up […]

‘A no-deal Brexit could lead to significant issues with animal health & welfare’ – President of UK veterinary regulator

The outgoing President of the UK’s veterinary regulator, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, spoke to PoliticsHome about improving veterinary regulation in the UK, achieving greater diversity in the UK vet workforce and the animal health and welfare concerns associated with a no-deal Brexit. Amanda Boag is a few days away from completing her term […]

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