Month: January 2018

The world is close to war and Trump’s tweets could be the trigger – Lord Ashdown

Emilio Casalicchio | PoliticsHome Speaking to PoliticsHome, former diplomat and Lib Dem peer Paddy Ashdown warns that in the face of a US presidency that fails to be “thoughtful, intelligent and well informed”, the UK must look to build new alliances. When even the ex-diplomats think the UK should rethink the special relationship with the US […]

We cannot have a two-tier system for food exports after Brexit, says top Vet

British Veterinary Association (BVA) President John Fishwick speaks to PoliticsHome about the challenges facing the veterinary profession, ahead of a photography exhibition in Parliament this week, which offers parliamentarians a unique insight into vets’ working lives. According to BVA President John Fishwick, the EU Referendum has brought into “sharp focus” the reliance of a number […]

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