Month: December 2017

Theresa May was misled over review into pregnancy drugs linked to birth defects

Emilio Casalicchio | PoliticsHome Speaking to PoliticsHome Sir Mike Penning says that MPs and victims have ‘no confidence’ in a recent review into Primodos as he calls for a new judge-led inquiry. Ex-Minister Sir Mike Penning insists Theresa May was misled by her aides. They told her an expert in Thalidomide had endorsed a recent review into controversial […]

Ministers have forgotten bread and butter issues because of Brexit – Ian Blackford MP

The SNP’s leader in Westminster tells PoliticsHome how bank closures have been sidelined as Parliament gets bogged down in Brexit.   If the EU referendum was an attempt to finally lay the issue of Britain’s relationship with its European neighbours to rest, it has spectacularly failed. While discussion about obscure EU institutions, subsidies and trade […]

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